DeVonta Smith plans to wear No. 6 in NFL

Veteran players will have a hard time changing numbers to take advantage of last week’s dramatic expansion of the jersey system. For incoming rookies, there’s no stockpile of jerseys in a current number that would need to be purchased by the player to facilitate a change.

One rookie who intends to wear his college number at the next level is Alabama receiver Devonta Smith. He wore 6 for the Crimson Tide. He recently told PFT Live that he intends to wear No. 6 for whichever team drafts him.

He added that, if 6 isn’t available, he’ll choose No. 3.

The issue of retired numbers won’t matter as to No. 6. However, the team for which he plays may already have issued No. 6 to someone else. Number 3 has been retired by the Bears, Packers, and Chiefs.