Mum ‘poisoned and scalded her 6 week-old twins and spent four days with corpses’

A mum suspected of killing her baby twins may have stayed with their bodies for four days, according to prosecutors.

Danezja Kilpatrick has been charged with killing Dallis and Dakota Bentley inside their apartment in Queens, New York.

Details of how the 23-year-old allegedly killed the twins has now been made public by prosecutors.

They say that Kilpatrick put disinfectant Pine Sol in their bottles of milk and then tried to feed it to them.

She then run hot water over the children while laying them in the bathtub.

Dakota stopped moving under the water, authorities said, prompting the mum to wrap her small body in a pink blanket, then place it inside black plastic bag and shove it under the kitchen sink.

Dallis survived the scalding but was found lying face down in a bassinet with a knife in her head, according to the court record.

“The babies wouldn’t let me sleep,” the mother told the police after she was arrested, according to prosecutors.

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“I just gave up and stopped caring. I didn’t care about the babies, that’s why I poisoned them.”

Sister Quanteya Kilpatrick said that she came to help out with the children.

“As soon as I walked in I knew something was off,” Quanteya said of a visit to her sister’s home.

“Something was giving me bad vibes…There were no baby clothes, no baby bottles.”

Kilpatrick’s mum told police that she did not know who the twins’ dad was and that no one was helping her daughter with the children.

Police said the babies were found at about 3.10 pm on Thursday after a relative asked police to check the apartment.

Kilpatrick has been charged with two counts each of first and second-degree murder, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Kilpatrick’s next court appearance is set for May 21.

If convicted, Kilpatrick faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.